Jenine Kozey


Education Background:

B.Sc. in Physics, 2003, University of Regina

Dale Carnegie's Sales Advantage Course, 2004, Calgary

Permaculture Design Certificate, 2014, Geoff Lawton 

Reading the Landscape Course, 2014, Geoff Lawton

Earthworks Course, 2014, Geoff Lawton

Plant Spirit Medicine Workshop, 2017, Gizelle Rhyon Berry

Intermediate Herbal Course, March 2018, Herbal Academy of New England

Botany and Wildcrafting Course, May 2018, Herbal Academy of New England

Advanced Herbalism Course, ONGOING, Herbal Academy of New England

Tiny House Workshop, 2019, Kenton Zerbin

Astro-Herbalism, 2020, Evolutionary School of Herbalism

How I became a Permaculture Consultant and Educator:

After my children were born, I saw a brilliant opportunity to reinvent myself and my career path. It felt as though all avenues were open and I had the chance to start new in any direction I should choose. I took a year of midwifery courses which fulfilled my thirst for medical knowledge, but the lifestyle was not for me (after not sleeping for 4.5 years, I decided that I could never work in an industry which left me sleep-deprived)!


This led me to investigate a course as a sustainable building adviser which would utilize my love of efficiency, my physics background, and my 20+ years of construction experience. The course, however, kept getting postponed. I read through all of the required and recommend textbooks while waiting for the course to start, and that is when permaculture kept coming up over and over again. That same month, Rob Avis from Verge Permaculture in Calgary came to give an introduction to permaculture talk in Regina. I was hooked! I found a discipline that made use of my Jack-of-all-trades nature! Now, I get to use my building experience, love of plants and nature, my grandmothers' wisdom and my love of problem solving with each customer I work with. 


Why this job is amazing:

Each and every day, I am lucky enough to use my resourcefulness and problem solving prowess to help homeowners grow food in the easiest, most cost-effective way possible. 


I can teach others to be self-reliant through a variety of workshops on topics such as: herbalism, canning, greenhouse design for cold climates, raising chickens, knitting, introduction to permaculture, gardening with the moon and urban foraging/wildcrafting.

In 2018, I fulfilled a longstanding goal to teach the Permaculture Design Certificate Course here in Saskatchewan. I'm extremely proud to be able to offer this course year-round online!

Each year in this business has been more rewarding than the ones before and I am amazed at how much permaculture is catching on and inspiring people in our great province! Being able to share this knowledge and enthusiasm is something for which I am immensely grateful.


More about me:

I live on a 22 acre permaculture farm northwest of Regina, SK with my husband, our boys, and a flock of chickens. My time is spent homesteading and helping others to live a simple life.