Gardening and Living Your Life by the Moon


Just in time to get your seeds started!

Cost: $40

The moon controls the tides, affects our moods, our menstrual cycles, and for hundreds of years, people relied on its phases to ensure the success of their crops when a garden's failure could lead to starvation.

Today, we can simply go to our local farmer's market or grocery store if our garden doesn't produce well. But wouldn't gardening be more fun if we always had a bumper crop with great germination rates? 

Learn how to use the moon's phases and positioning to guide when and what to plant to ensure the optimal success of this year's plantings! We'll be sharing tips and tricks of our ancestors, and providing you with a unique view on how the moon's cycles can affect all areas of our life - especially our energy levels and creativity.

Included in this course:

- A detailed workbook to help you retain the information as you go

- Printable colour handouts and cheatsheets for planting by the moon's phases and using astrologolical data

- Handouts to help you maximize your energy levels and productivity in all areas of your life

- Discount coupon codes for future courses and workshops